Australia's best drive recommendations

West Coast Wilderness Way, Tasmania Drive

The west of Tasmania is the location of 3 significant World Heritage listed areas. These are: Cradle Mountain The Franklin River and the lower Gordon River Lake St Clair and its surrounding lakes The West Coast Wilderness Way links these 3. Collectively they are one of the best temperate rainforest and wilderness areas in the world. When you’ve done this trip, you’ll know why! You can do this trip without leaving your car as it...

Great Ocean Road Drive

The Great Ocean Road, along the southern coast of Victoria, is an Australian National Heritage listed structure. It was built by returned servicemen between the First and Second World Wars and dedicated to their fallen comrades. At the time of its completion, it was widely regarded as being the largest war memorial in the world. Touring the Great Ocean Road From those beginnings, the road has become one of the most iconic...

Great Alpine Road and Bogong Alpine Way, Victoria

Experience one the world’s most scenic drives! This picturesque route takes you through Victoria’s high country and is well worth doing. The Great Alpine Road (GAR) is 303 kms or 188 miles of sealed road between Wangaratta and Bairnsdale. It's Australia’s highest all-year round accessible sealed road. You should take around 6 hours to drive it. That’s if you don’t get tempted by one of the many interesting side trips! You can start your drive...

Grand Pacific Drive, New South Wales

Ask any New South Welshman and he, or she, will tell you that their particular ocean drive is the equal, or better, of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria! And they could be right. The 140 km stretch of quality highway that is the Grand Pacific Drive traverses a beautiful section of the state’s coastline. And what a grand drive it is too! If you head out from Sydney you’ll start your journey in the...

Captain Cook Highway And Bloomfield Track, Queensland

This highway may be short but it’s scenic! VERY scenic. So scenic in fact that it generally makes the list of top 100 scenic coastal drives around the world. For sheer spectacular we think some sections of it rival the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. For this reason it’s very popular with visitors to Australia. The Captain Cook Highway AKA Great Barrier Reef Drive is 75 kms (47 miles) long. It starts in Cairns before...

There are many ways to get around Australia. The most rewarding, the one that will let you see more of this vast country is by hiring a car and driving. Around every bend in the road, you’ll find breathtaking natural scenery. There are also many famous drives to explore. Stretching along Victoria’s southeastern coastline the 243-kilometre Australian Natural Heritage listed Great Ocean Road is one of them. It runs between the towns of Torquay and Allansford. As you’d expect from a Natural Heritage listed area, there are all kinds of fascinating things to explore.

Useful Tips About Driving In Australia 

  • Steering wheels are on the right hand side of the car.
  • Australians drive on the left hand side of the road.
  • Seat belts are compulsory in all states.
  • Speed is in kilometres per hour and distances are measured in kilometres and metres as well.
  • You must carry an original valid driving license. An appropriate foreign license written in English is legal for stays of less than 3 months.
  • If you have a driver’s license in any language other than English, you must get an International Driving Permit before you leave home.
  • In the main, Australian drivers are considerate and courteous to other road users.
  • Trucks will indicate it is safe to pass by flashing the right indicator.
  • Frequent and well-signposted rest areas are a common feature on highways. These might be simply somewhere to pull off or buildings with lots of facilities.
  • Parking can be an expensive business in big cities, at beaches and tourist hotspots.
  • Many Service Stations are not 24 hour, even on major routes.

Distances When Driving In Australia

Unless you are from the US or Canada it is unlikely you will ever have encountered such vast Australia driving distances. What can appear close at hand when glancing at a map is actually many hours’ drive away. If you intend to drive between major cities, you are typically looking at a journey of at least a few days. For example, Sydney to Brisbane, which looks a short hop on the map, is 1000 km! Sydney to Adelaide is 1410 km and Melbourne to Brisbane 1681 km while Perth to Darwin is 4,166 km.

While many road trips around Australia have incredible sights and views to keep you engaged, there are also those that offer little variety. 90 Mile Straight, the section of the Eyre Highway between Balladonia in WA and Caiguna in SA is one of them. This 143.3 kilometre long, straight stretch of highway crosses the Nullarbor Plain. It is one of the longest straight stretches of road in the world. The Eyre (pronounced Air) is also Australia’s longest single highway.