Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling

Stunning Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Trips

Great Barrier Reef snorkelling and diving experiences should be on every travelers bucket list of things to do in Australia. If you leave it to when you arrive in Cairns, you’ll find operators offering reef cruises at every turn. The question is: which one would you choose?

The Quicksilver Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Cruise company 

If you’re like us, there are a few boxes you’ll want ticked before you make your decision for the best Great Barrier Reef snorkelling tour. Value for money is a no-brainer, of course, but you should also look for a reputable company that consistently receives good customer reviews.  One with a track record for eco-friendliness, given the fragile nature of the world’s coral reefs, is also recommended. Looking around for snorkelling reef tour operators that met these criteria and one company stood out from the rest. Our vote goes to the multi-award-winning Quicksilver Cruises.

great barrier reef snorkelling
A wonderful day out on the Outer barrier reef with Quicksilver Cruises

As the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’ and for the price Quicksilver certainly don’t disappoint. If you’re staying in Cairns, your day-long reef trip begins with a comfortable coach ride to Port Douglas. Next you will board Quicksilver’s ecologically sound and super fast catamaran.  The drive there is also scenic so make sure you have your cameras handy. You might be surprised at just how large this state-of-the-art catamaran is, but that means there’s plenty of room for everyone. You can choose to relax in the air-conditioned lounge or sun yourself on the spacious deck whilst travelling out to the reef.

Your Vessel And What To Expect On The Day

What’s great about Quicksilver is that their tour whizzes you to the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Even in choppy waters it’s a relatively smooth and speedy ride. It takes just ninety minutes to reach the clear waters of the pristine Agincourt Reef, and a huge floating pontoon. From this you can snorkel, swim or dive the reef for what will be a memorable day out. Try spotting the odd turtle, ray or harmless White Tip shark amongst the shoals of exotic fish that inhabit the colourful coral.

Thanks to Quicksilvers semi-submersible vehicle, non-swimmers can also enjoy views of the marine wonderland beneath the waves. Spending more than three hours at the reef means that there’s plenty of time to try out the numerous facilities on offer. Additionally, there’s an unlimited buffet included in the price when it’s time to take a break and grab a bite to eat.

great barrier reef snorkelling
Quicksilver submarine for those not keen on snorkelling

Quicksilver Staff

At this point it’s worth singing the praises of Quicksilver’s helpful, friendly and efficient staff. They take care of everything for you from the moment they pick you up in Cairns. Nothing is too much trouble to ensure that guests have the safest and best experience of the Great Barrier Reef possible. If you’re holidaying in Oz and looking for the ultimate Great Barrier Reef snorkelling and diving experience look no further. See for yourself, your Quicksilver cruise will be one of the highlights of your trip.

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